Поле обязательно для заполнения
Поле обязательно для заполнения

Scientific Dispensing Tips

Accurate and precise liquid measurement is critical to the success of your research and selecting the right pipette tip for your pipette will improve performance and your results.

We make it easy to find and select the pipette tips you need to deliver consistency and reliability every time you pipette, whether you have a Thermo Scientific Finnpipette or ClipTip pipetting system or you are looking for a universal pipette tip, for whatever pipette you are using.

ART Universal Pipette Tips

  • Self-sealing barrier to completely block contamination
  • Universal fit for virtually any brand of pipette
  • ART Barrier or non-filtered available

Finntips & Finntip Flex Pipette Tips

  • Engineered for optimal performance with Finnpipettes
  • Secure seal with pipette
  • Interlocking technology for secure seal that won’t loosen or fall off
  • Minimal attachment and ejection forces

SoftFit-L Pipette Tips

  • Designed for Rainin LTS-style pipettes

Positive stop design maintains ergonomic benefits of pipette

Pipette Tips