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Поле обязательно для заполнения

ThermoFisher Disposable Technology

Best-in-class solutions with an open architecture approach

The biotherapeutic market has been rapidly adopting single-use technologies to reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies. Single-use technologies have been proven to be robust and scalable from lab/scale-up to cGMP production applications including, bioprocessing equipment and automation, flexible containment, and rigid containment product portfolios.

Research Scale Bioprocessing Solutions Thermo Scientific products and solutions are used in all bioprocessing application steps in research, R&D, process development, and early stage clinical trials.

Production Scale Bioprocessing Solutions Thermo Scientific technological advances in bioprocessing result in improved process efficiency, minimized operational complexity, and optimized liquid handling within production-scale manufacturing facilities.

Single-Use Technology Services Engage with Thermo Scientific experts and a wide range of services to support the investment in your processes using Thermo Scientific Single-Use products.

Single-Use Bioprocessing

Single-use technologies

Single-use bioprocessing-equipment avtomation